Comparative Studies

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Comparative Studies Dominique Comparative Studies There are many forms of health care organizations, they are grouped by their financial structures, and sources of funding. The three types that exist in the United States are for-profit, non-profit, and government funded organizations. The financial resources and how profit is appropriated are different amongst all three types of organizations. Government Funded The most well-known government funded health care system is the Department of Veterans Affairs. This health care system is unique in that it was created specifically to treat American veterans of the US military, whereas for-profit and non-profit organizations must treat every patient regardless of status, or ability to…show more content…
While for-profits are concentrating on revenue generated to use on expenditures to attract investors and consumers, nonprofit annual financial reports show data of how their programs and services have benefitted their patients and the community. For-profit organizations must answer to shareholders and continually prove their viability. It is said that shareholders do not always have the same views and opinions of the community and therefore have a negative impact on what goes on within the organization. It has been observed that services and programs that have not generated income or take a loss are discontinued regardless of how beneficial it is to the community ("How Different Are For-Profit and Nonprofit Hospitals?" 2014). When discussing future financial planning, Kaiser Permanente focuses on past services and programs the organization has provided and how they can be improved and offered on a grander scale, not the bottom line as for-profit organizations do. Revenue generated annually is recycled back into the organization and utilized to benefit the patients and the community they serve. Financial Management in Health Care Financial management is a much greater task in the health care field than any other field because there are so many platforms on which a health care organization receives
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