Argumentative Essay: Cats Rule The World

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Cats rule the world "I'm not a cat person," he said. "Dogs are way better." "That's too bad," I sighed and said my goodbyes. The world is divided on many issues, but one, seemingly trivial, served as an immediate date deal breaker for me and threatened my romantic future. It wasn't a question about political position, religion or about a stance on global warming. It was about a small, flexible mischievous animal that meant the world to me. How can anyone dislike it? The cats versus dogs debate is probably as old as the existence of early canines and ancient felines. Dog owners have long argued that dogs are better pets, but me, as a cat owner, beg to differ, and here’s why. In the recent years, cats became more popular than dogs. They …show more content…

But since yearly cat ownership is cheaper than dog ownership (ASPCA), many people choose to have a couple of cats, so the pets can provide companionship to each other when the owner is not at home. If you ever have mice, spiders, flies or bugs at home, you won’t have to worry if you have a personal hitmeow nearby. Cats are known to be master exterminators, and far exceed dogs in their superior hunting skills. Although dog owners may argue that dogs are known for their hunting skills, and not cats, I’d point out that while many of us have seen a dog corner a squirrel, or a hunting dog run and bring back the kill, they are not hunters. It’s the purry serial killers who watch their prey and go in for the kill just for …show more content…

Young kittens can be easily taught to use a litter box, and enjoy taking baths, riding in the car and going for a walk with a leash. Cats are able to learn the usual commands such as fetch, sit, shake a paw, play dead and many more (H. Ellen Whiteley). Granted that only dogs are trained for police work, guidance and rescues, cats have saved their owner’s lives without any training whatsoever. There are countless stories of housecats alerting their owners of dangers such as fire, gas leakage, home invaders and even calling 911 when its owner fell out unconscious out of his

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