Compare And Contrast George W Bush And Lyndon B. Johnson

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Throughout the history of the United States, the country has seen several different presidents of varying degrees of success. Some have been declared the greatest in history, while others are despised for being incapable of making the best decisions for the country. Presidents have been hailed for moving America forward during a time of turmoil and others have been accused of seeking personal gain.
Two presidents who have been viewed both in a negative light and a positive light would be George W. Bush and Lyndon B. Johnson. Both dealt with many controversies around their domestic policies and were heavily criticized for involvement in foreign affairs. There have been claims they unjustly were awarded military conflicts. Lyndon B. Johnson has been the subject of conspiracy theories involving the assassination of John F. Kennedy, while Bush received heavy criticism after he was elected over Al Gore who won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college vote. Lyndon B. Johnson was also attacked for his involvement in the Vietnam War, one of the most controversial wars of all time. George W. Bush was attacked for his increasing involvement in the middle east after an attack on America by terrorist. Bush further received criticism for the fact that he got involved with Iraq and Afghanistan politics rather than just those directly responsible and their organization. Both men did see successes during their reign in office. Neither president was called the worst, nor

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