Compare And Contrast Greece And Rome

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Modern day civilizations evolved from past civilizations that set themselves apart from the rest. The two civilizations that shaped the foundation for the Unites States were Greece and Rome. Both countries heavily influenced how the US works today. Although both Rome and Greece contributed to the modern day US, Greece was more influential than Rome through their democratic government, their trading based economy, and their love for action and their strong social beliefs. Rome still had a substantial role in influencing modern day America, yet the Greek civilization more closely mirrors the political makeup of the US. The way our government is formatted today with the branches of government corresponds with Rome's. Polybius described the Roman constitution and declared, “It had three elements, each of them possessing sovereign powers: and their respective share of power in the whole state had been regulated with such a scrupulous regard to equality and equilibrium…” (1). Rome had three branches of government similar to The United States. They also created these branches for the same purpose. To not have one power ruling over the other so that all three branches had equilibrium when it came to power. Rome had the issue with one leader controlling all of the land. This form of government was the best way for the empire to rule and share equal power. Besides the three branches of government Greece is much closer to the modern day US government. For one the Greece

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