Compare And Contrast Inattention, Distractibility, And Hyperactivity

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Why do these two disorders often get mistaken for one another? The similarities of APD can affect a person’s ability to focus, ADHD does the same. Symptoms of the two disorders often overlap. In general, people with ADHD exhibit inattention, distractibility, and hyperactivity in any environment. APD will have the same effect in environments that are over stimulating and it can be too much for their brains to process. Symptoms of one another is that they both will exhibit trouble in learning environments, both have trouble with memory and auditory. Also, they can affect conversations, difficulties with following directions, and memory issues. The people suffering from these disorders often do what they call “tuning out” or responding with “what” or “huh” because they are unable to retain and process the information, or multi-level step instruction. Support groups are often helpful for the sufferers of both the disorders to feel like you’re not alone.…show more content…
People with APD typically don’t have an issue paying attention or in quiet environments. People with APD will exhibit the inability to sit still in quiet environments. APD people will often have speech delays, difficulty with phonics, inattention, distractibility, asks for things to be repeated, poor auditory memory, difficulty hearing when background noises are present. People with ADHD can show aggression, fidgeting, excitability, short attention span. How do we separate one from the other? APD typically won’t have anger or behavior issues, trouble sitting still, mood swings or be prescribed drugs. ADHD typically will have a little bit more ways to manage the effects of the disorders in the long term. Stimulants or cognition-enhancing medication, and antihypertensive drugs are prescribed to ADHD
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