Compare And Contrast Love And Hate

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Love & Hate I never understood what people meant when they’d say “there’s a fine line between love and hate”. I was taught love was “good” and hate was “bad”. Someone even tried to convince me that hate doesn’t exist. But just like “good” and “bad”, one cannot exist without the other. I have asked myself so many times how two words, or better yet feelings, that are supposed to be antonyms, opposites, are so similar at the same time. After living a little and doing much research I think I finally understand both love and hate, as two individual concepts and as a unified concept.
What is love? What is that feeling that has inspired millions of songs and films? Well according to Oxford Dictionaries, love is ”an intense feeling of deep …show more content…

The Greek started breaking down love into four categories: “storge” was for family, “philia” was friendship, “eros” was for sexual and romantic love, and finally divine love was known as “agape”. For instance, you might love a friend (philia) but not quite be in love or feel physical attraction (eros) for them. Some researchers believe the theory that there is more than one type of love, while others say love is the same in all circumstances and relationships. In 1977, sociologist and activist John Lee separated love into six categories, 3 primary and 3 secondary. The primary types of love are eros (the erotic desire for an idealized other), ludus (the desire to have fun with each other), storge (the slow development of feeling beyond friendship into more of a kinship way). The secondary types of love are: mania (the jealous-obsessive love), agape (the purist, altruistic love) and pragma (a practical, convenient love). Hate has several causes. Some hate out of fear of “the other”, fear of anything different and unknown, while others hate out of fear of themselves, they project their insecurities onto the object of their hatred out of lack of self-compassion. Some might hate to fill a void, to avoid trying to find one’s identity. Societal and cultural factors play a huge part, we are taught to hate anyone different from us and all that that we don’t …show more content…

There aren’t specific hormones that activate when there’s hatred, but rather when the feelings associated with it kick in, like anger, fear and stress. The common hormone in all is adrenaline, that just like love, makes us act

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