Compare And Contrast Mongolian Rebellion And American Revolutions

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Each country should have history of revolution and Rebellion. These happening are often caused by anger of people. For example, Americans who were angry about British taxes caused American Revolution. The reason why the revolution or rebellion was happened are different, but I think people’s feeling during revolution or rebellion is same. So, I will compare about mainly people’s feeling between American Revolution and Mongolians invasion of Japan which was in 1274 and 1281. Firstly, I will compare similarities between American revolution and Mongolians invasion of Japan. This invasion was planned by Kublai Khan who was the leader of Mongolian. He required Japan to pay him tribute at once. He sent messengers but The Shogun who was the sovereign of Japan did not …show more content…

The most different thing is war to be independence or war to defeat own land. Americans tried to make a new country and they made United State. Meanwhile, Japan just tried to defeat own land. They could not get any land. Also, the bakufu which is the Japan’s feudal government was get angry from the samurai who fought with Mongolians because they could not get reward. Normally, Samurais could get land as reward if they could fight well. So, they became poor because they use money for preparing invasion and taxes from government (bakufu). These things caused rebellions and eventually, Kamakura period was ended by Emperor Go-Daigo who was a tenno in this time. By the way, the Mongolians invasion of Japan caused end of government, but American Revolution caused birth of new government. This is the most difference between two wars. In conclusion, both two rebellions caused a lot of changes. American Revolution is born new county which is the Unite State of America. Mongolians invasion of Japan caused to start of new period which is the Muromachi Period. Thus, the society was changed by rebellion or

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