Compare And Contrast Simon Birch And The Scarlet Ibis

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Everyone is born different. Everyone has different expectations that were set for them. It is up to them to either exceed or fail that expectation. Simon Birch and “The Scarlet Ibis” both tell the story of two young boys who were born with disabilities and told they were not to make it past a couple of days. To everyone's dismay, both of the boys survived longer than anybody expected. Although Simon and Doodle are characters in two different stories, they have many similarities including both having a brother figure and both defying the odds by surviving; however, a difference between them is that Simon always kept his faith in God and himself while Doodle was skeptical and sometimes doubted his abilities. In Simon Birch, when the main character Simon was born, he was immediately expected not to survive the night. Everyone, including his parents, thought he would die. He was weaker than other kids his age and limited in many ways, including his height. None of these obstacles stopped Simon, as he continued to run, swim, and play baseball. Simon Birch had a best friend, who also acted as a brotherly figure, named Joe Wentworth. Joe and Simon were both the same age, went to the same school, and were on the same baseball team. They would have many sleepovers and go swimming in the lake together on many occasions. Not only did Joe help Simon, but Simon helped Joe. Simon ultimately helped Joe find his real father and taught him to have faith (Johnson). Simon also defied the

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