Compare And Contrast The Scarlet Ibis And Simon Birch

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People with physical disabilities have with setbacks that make it harder for them to live normal lives like most of the people around them. Some of these individuals learn to cope with them, try to keep a positive mindset that helps them become better and stronger in their bodies and mind. In the story “The Scarlet Ibis” and the movie Simon Birch, two boys who suffer from growing setbacks, learn to live with their complications and persevere through their short lives while living them to the fullest and navigating their way to accept themselves for who they are. Simon and Doodle are very similar boys who both have the same disabilities and lifestyle, but the way they act on them and the people around them act as a result of it is somewhat different. Both Simon and Doodle have companions by their side throughout all or most of their lives. Simon had a best friend named Joe, who loved him for who he was. He did not mind having a best friend who had disabilities and was not the same as everyone else. For example, when Joe was riding his bike with Simon next to him in a cart, some men laughed at them. Simon and Joe did not let them phase their good moods and instead answered them with a rude remark and laughed themselves. This showed that Joe valued his friendship more than the acceptance of society. Brother, on the other hand, hated that his brother was different. He was always trying to change things about his younger sibling Doodle and make him more like everyone else:

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