Compare And Contrast The Biopsychosocial Model Of Health

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What is health, is it the absence of illness, the ability to run a marathon, or even healthy eating habits? Health can be defined as multiple things and can vary among people and the type of health that may be discussed. For majority of people here in America, health is defined as the absence of disease, injury, slow pulse, or the ability to perform physical activities (Gurung, 2014). In health psychology, there is two models to explain how health can be defined; the biopsychosocial model and biomedical model. Through both models there is similarities and differences that contribute to the concept of health within the psychology world. The biopsychosocial model focuses on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that influence health with how society or culture influence health rather than just biology and physiology (Gurung, 2014). Since the biopsychosocial approach focuses more on the mental aspect of health, any health care professional will look more into a patient’s thoughts, feelings, and reactions as opposed to physical and psychological aspects. A key example can be looked at is a patient who has cancer, with the biopsychosocial approach a doctor will look at their behaviors, feelings about treatment, and thoughts towards cancer and their treatment. Being that the model is about how society or culture influence health, it is assumed that there is an influence. A patients culture can impact how they act or view things. Since this model is part of the health care, there is

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