Compare And Contrast The Far And The Near

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At the closure of the Great War and the end of literary optimism, arose a new literary movement known to scholars as Modernism. This movement was derived from a conscious desire to overturn the traditional style, this was due to a diminished trust in ideas and values of the world out of which the war had derived from. Thomas Wolfe, a great American writer of the early 20th century, adapted to this writing style. Although not living a very long life , the author composed a multitude of works, of those are “The Far and the Near” and “The Child by Tiger”. The two short stories consist of characterization, conflict, and theme that contrast in many ways, but they also share some similarities. Characterization in “The Far and the Near” is direct, the flat protagonist is an engineer, who after twenty years of travelling back and forth through this town he’s grown attached to…show more content…
On one hand he is a kind, hardworking gentleman who once served in the military of a while, enabling him to be familiar with firearms, he taught his companions how to aim and shoot. He seemed to be enthusiastic about being kind to one another, saying “you gotta love each othah like a brothah” (The Child). Dick is a deeply religious man, whose voice hmed with Biblical hymns of African and some familiar to the men whom he worked alongside with. And on the other hand, Prosser had suppressed emotions, anger which is the result of oppression, this directed him in violent rampage in which he murdered members of white society, his oppressors, and men of black as well. Nonetheless, Dick’s fellow workers were familiar with the man that they would often refer to as the “best man [they had] ever had,” (The Child). Similar to the engineer of “The Far and the Near”, Dick Prosser is quite a kind and respectable
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