Compare And Contrast The Roper Logan Tierney Model

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According to National Falls Prevention for Older People Initiative (2000), patients must be provided with proper education relating to knee and hip injury, in order to make them aware of the sensitivity relating to it. Education can be provided either through post-operation or through on-going basis at the time of hospitalisation. It has been recommended by Standards from the ICSI (2008), education on the subjects which shows how long to survive pain, preventing pain instead of chasing the pain, objective of pain management, treatment in pain management, how to get communicated with the nurse for analgesic when required, pain management planning this includes medication administration schedule. For older patients to instruct for reporting unrelieved pain quickly is important for effective pain management (Gowdy, 2003). After discharging the patients, proper instruction relating to pain management, side…show more content…
This model is used widely in United Kingdom, more specifically in public sector. The model was named after its creators Nancy Roper, Winifred W. Logan, and Alison J. Tierney (Roper et al, 2000). The model is used by the nurse for assessing the relative independence of the patients along with its potential for independence in the daily living activities. The independence of patient is observes at the range of complete dependence to complete independence (Holland, 2008).The daily living activities must not be used as a checklist. Rather Roper, states that they must be views as the cognitive approach towards care and assessment of the patients, instead of just limiting it to list of boxes on paper, but in the approach of nurse to and organisation of her care, the model provides a way for the nurses to deepen their understanding of models along with its practical

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