Compare and Contrast Two Ads Essay

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Advertisements in Technology
Leo Burnett, a famous advertising executive, states that “Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief (” How effective an advertisement is in getting the new company and its products and services to the world can be measured with the publicity of products that Dell Incorporation has provided. It has not been a long time since the Dell Incorporation was first founded. Dell Incorporation was founded in 1984 and since then, through the medium of advertisement communication, it has been able to sell its every product worldwide. The products that Dell Incorporation sells would not have reached every corner of the world if it had
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Go on, Treat Yourself.” The main purpose behind writing this selling tempting phrase is to show that the price of the desktop has been reduced and is encouraging everyone to take advantage of this offer. Similarly, the advertisement of the laptop computer states, “LIMITED TIME ONLY!” and the reason behind stating this phrase is as same as that of desktop advertisement. Even though the purpose of both advertisements is to attract a range of people, the way they have advertised both products appeals to different target audiences. It is given in the laptop advertisement that the laptop computer could be bought on an installment basis by paying every month a fixed amount of money. The advertiser includes this policy to attract those groups of people who cannot pay the stated amount of product price up front. Since the advertisement does not mention any credit score to qualify for financing, it makes sense to think that the company is targeting bad credit people to take advantage of this offer to build up their credit scores. Along with the advertisement of laptop computer, the advertiser is also advertising the company’s another product, netbook, and the main focus of including this product is to make people aware of the company’s available products. In addition, the laptop advertiser uses “free shipping offer on all featured systems, electronic and accessories”
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