Comparing Acts Two And Three In Shakespeare's Othello

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Acts two and three are main acts in the drama, Othello. The setting has changed after Act one from Venice to Cyprus. Othello is still sailiing fromo Venice, but the storm is gaining intensity which leads many to fear for Othello’s safety. The war is announced to be over due to the Turks backin out of their plan to attack. Cassio becomes in charge because Othello is trapped out sea. Desdemona and Iago reach home safely without trouble and want to surprise Othello because she has missed him. Iao gets mad at Cassio for kissing his wife in front of him. Othello soon arrives after the mess between Iago, Cassio, Desdemona, and Emilia. Des greets Othello by rushing towards him and being very public. Iago makes a quick plan again against Cassio which Roderigo falls for it. They carry out the plan by…show more content…
While Cassio and Roderigo got after eachother, Montano is injured. Othello comes in and Iago tells his what happened but he lies in great detail. Othello does not believe him fully and asks Roderigo and Cassio to explain their stories. After asking a good six tmes, the men do not tell Othello which angers him greatly. Othello demotes Cassio for his actions against Roderigo. The plan continues by Iago comforting Cassio telling him that Des can help him with Othello. Act three starts when the clown that Othello hired for entertainment shows up. Iago, still in his plan, helps Cassio arrange a meeting alone with Des to get back in with Othello. Emilia helps to arrange this personal meeting with Othello’s love. Othello gives Iago letters and leaves the castle without knowing about the private meeting about to take place. The two meet which leads to Des agreeing to help Cassio with Othello. While the meeting is takin place, Iago tells Othello about suspicions between Cassio and Des. Des meets back up with Othello and wipes his tears with his handkercheif. Emilia steals the handkerchief after Des drops
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