Comparing And Contrasting Websites

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Our objective for this assignment was to visit the following websites:,, and We are to report on the similarities, differences, and which site where we are most likely to purchase and book and explain why. Similarities The three websites are all similar as far as design layout. All three share an automatic rotating header screen that changes on average every five seconds. A search box can be located at the top left. The option to create an account or to log-in is located at the top right. Menu shortcuts are listed at the top and across the whole page. When scrolling you can find recommendations on all the home pages. Black Friday is a prominent theme …show more content…

At the bottom where you can find more information and the job listings, Amazon does not have a contact us option. I have heard that it is available but it takes a little more digging. I can only imagine this is to encourage the consumer to use online contact as the preferred method. People do not have a strong appearance on any of these unless they are people on a cover of a book. I spotted three people when comparing the sites, Oprah, Obama and David Jeremiah. I have no idea who David Jeremiah is other than he is’s featured author. At the top of two of the pages, there is a strip of black displaying what would appear to be what they would like you to see first. Barnes and Noble have used green. I do not know if that is for the holidays or the fact green is part of their branding. Green is used on some of the fonts for Barnes and Noble as well. Amazon is the only page that I noticed that didn’t feature books on its landing page as well. While they promoted products to read on they did not recommend any books. Where I Would Purchase I must admit that I am predisposed to Amazon as I am an avid buyer and take advantage of being a prime member. I was hoping to be influenced or at the very least tempted into purchasing from another site. There was no

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