Comparing Ch.2, 3, And 4 Mintzberg 's ' Thinking Managing With Lussier 's Textbook, Management Fundamentals Essay

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After comparing Ch.2, 3, and 4 of Mintzberg’s novel, Simply Managing with Lussier’s textbook, Management Fundamentals, as well as the material covered in class, and my own personal experiences a few connection have been brought to mind regarding each chapter. In the paragraphs below, I will explain the connections I found related to each chapter. As said in chapter 2, being a manager is a continuous job with a continuous amount of work load that never really finishes. As a manager, their job is never really “done”. Page 18 of Mintzberg, describes how managing is just “one damn thing after another.” (Mintzberg, 2013 p.18) I found many reasons to support this, my own experience and some factual evidence in both books. Mintzberg explains the reason for this is because the manager is responsible for how well the unit does, at no point will the job be done and finished. The job is continuous, everlasting if you will. A manager’s success in an organization depends all upon how well they can utilize their resources and how well they can perform and meet their objectives. To do this, a manger must fully be able to utilize their resources, which leads me to my first connection on page 2. A manager must be able to integrate their resources effectively and efficiently in order to be successful at implementing strategies and meeting objectives (Lussier, 2017 p.2). Being able to fully utilize human, financial, physical, and informational resources will allow the manager to be more

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