Comparing Chomsky And Plato 's Time

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Chomsky and Plato both believe that the people in charge of the government during their times manipulate the public; they differ in what they think the replacement for the elites are. In the Republic Plato thinks the ruling class should be replaced with philosophers, in manufacturing consent Chomsky believes the rulering class should be replaced with the masses and democracy. Some of the reasons for this different mindset is the environment they were in at the time of righting their books. So first, I would like to compare and contrast people and their environments from Plato’s time with Chomsky’s. During Plato’s time Athens was a democracy, kind of like our times where we are a democratic republic. During Plato’s time most people could not read or write, so information was disseminated orally from top to bottom, in our current society, most people can read and write, however information is still disseminated from top to bottom. In Plato’s world, information was given to you by your political leaders or philosophers now information is disseminated by large media corporations. The current public also has access to a significantly larger amount of information.
Chomsky like Plato’s sees that the masses are all prisoners of a manufactured illusion in manufacturing consent this is the media propaganda machine in Plato’s allegory it is a cave. However like in Plato’s cave we still have puppeteers, in the cave it is people controlling in the shadows/puppets in modern times it is…
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