Comparing Christianity and Islam

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Peace, a state of tranquility and harmony both within one’s self and the world, is more than just an absence of war but rather the creation of a harmonious relationship between the individual, God and their neighbours. Christianity and Islam are both religious traditions that have their sacred texts, the Bible and the Quran and Hadith respectively, as the foundation stones to guiding its adherents to a life of inner-peace. This is achieved through following the principal teachings and taking part in the significant practices whilst following a comprehensive ethical structure as stated in their sacred texts.

Both Christianity and Islam strive to emphasise the achievement of inner-peace within their adherents and thus to achieve world peace. In Christianity, the New Testament of the Bible refer to the Greek word for peace, ‘Eirene’, meaning ‘to be in harmony with one another’ in every one of its books except for the First Letter of John. In Islam, the adherent must live in peace with God and His creation in order to submit to the will of Allah. Thus, living a life of peace is essential in Christianity and Islam as the sacred texts and principal teachings provide guidance for adherents.

Christian adherents view peace as the result from forming right relationships between the individual, God and their neighbours. Living virtuously and maintaining a real relationship with God achieves inner-peace. Christians believe that through the teachings of the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10),

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