Comparing Male and Female Mass Indexes

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The experiment was conducted with the informed consent of all of the participants. These subjects consisted of 34 males and 30 females all of which were in good health and aged between 18 and 36. Confidentiality was of utmost importance and respected throughout the entire project. If any potential subjects did not wish to participate then that was understood and they did not take part. Another means of safeguarding the privacy of both groups (males and females) was to conduct the measurements at different times. One session was for males only and another for only females.

The following measurements were taken body mass (kg), height (m), % body fat, 2nd digit (index finger)(mm), 4th digit (ring finger)(mm), foot (cm), waist (cm), hip (cm), BMI and then the differences between 2nd and 4th digits, waist to hip and height to foot sizes.

The body mass was taken using analogue scales, the height using a stadiometer, % body fat using bio electrical impedance analysis monitor (with damp hands), 2nd and 4th digit (on the right hand) and foot (right foot) size using an accurate ruler and finally the hip using a tape measure.

After the process had taken place of gathering all the required measurements we then carried out a statistical analysis which included the mean averages, the standard deviation and finally the t test using the primary data we had gathered. The software used was Calculator, this software is very similar to that of Microsoft Excel.

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