Vitruvian Man Lab Report

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Research Question: Do we have the ideal proportion? The length of the outspread arms is equal to the height of a man The distance from the elbow to the tip of the hand is a quarter of the height of the man The maximum width of the shoulders is a quarter of the height of a man Data Collection: Raw Data: Table #1: Measure of the Outspread Arm, Height, from Elbow to the Tip of the Fingers, and Width of Shoulders (cm) (per person) Name Outspread arm /cm +/-1 Height /cm +/- 1 From the elbow to the tip of the fingers /cm +/- 1 Width of shoulders /cm +/-1 Silvana Chumaceiro 170 163 43 43 Anna Marrone 165 163 41 42 Sabrina Casilla 158 156 37 54 Alberto Gonzalez 180 174 48 65 Yanuara Ramirez 164 164 41 42…show more content…
The difference is about to 4 cm, which is an extremely small difference, since the maximum of her shoulders is about 39 cm and the ¼ of her height is about 43 cm. Evaluation: Due to the fact that the Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man lab demonstrated failure on the past examinations, we can feel free to assume that many errors are shown in this experiment. The first error noticed is the fact that we measured everything with a small measuring tape instead of a big measuring tape, which didn’t help since we were taller and bigger than the measuring tape, so we had to use two measuring tapes added together. Using a small measuring tape to find out these measurements ended being extremely inaccurate. After data collection we were not really sure if the numbers we got were real, and it probably affected a lot on the way the results came out. The lab activity validity started to be questionable now. By the time we were looking for the four measurements needed just one group of people from the class was using a measuring tape, the rest of the class were using two small ones (so they could have the same length). The way it worked was to put one in the top of the other and then add the numbers, which was hard for

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