Comparing Original Hypothesis Of Schachter And Singer

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When the participants arrived, they were taken to a private room by the experimenter and told that the aim of the experiment was and asked if they minded having an injection of ‘Suproxin’ (made up name).
The result of the study was that the subjects under the Ignorant condition and Misinformed condition revealed considerably and consistently higher scores on both euphoric and angry conditions as compared to participants under the Placebo condition and the Informed condition. This proved the original Hypothesis of Schachter and Singer, that is, cognitive labelling (informed, ignorant or misinformed) together with general autonomic arousal (euphoric or angry) lead to the emergence of emotions. (

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These theories are very comparable in that they both believe that the first reaction in emotional response as body arousal e.g sweating, increased heart rate and perspiration. Both theories believe this is the foundation of the which leads to the next response. In contrast the two-factor theory delves into more depth with an extra phase which is interpretation of the situation and labelling the environment for example “My heart is pounding, because I can see the environment I am in is unsafe”. This then subsequently turning into the subjective experience. The James-Lange theory is more basic and suggest that your reaction is straight from physiological arousal making this theory more basic and less applicable

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