Comparing Sexy versus A Temporary Matter in Interpreter of Maladies

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Readers are often baffled by the openness of some stories where the ending can go either way they are put into situation where they must imagine or assume how the story does end. Open-ended stories can be found in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies, where few stories of open-endings have an immense impact on the reader by creating a hunger to know what happens next. There is always one very noticeable advantage open-ended stories have over close-ended stories, that is the impact on the reader. The impact that makes the reader think, imagine and creates immaculate suspense as the reader is following the life of the protagonist with utmost anticipation, but all of sudden the story ends and the reader’s first question would be ,“what …show more content…
Later when the protagonist returns to the mapparium she discovers that it was closed. It can be said in a symbolic manner that when the protagonist used to meet the man the mapparium was open and now that they are separated the extra-marital affair has ended and the mapparium has closed as well.

In my opinion the open-ended stories have much more effect than a close-ended as an open-ended story has much more of an overall impact. After reading the story “A Temporary Matter” the story lingered in my mind for a longer time than the story “Sexy” as Jhumpa Lahiri has used the element of suspense in a very appealing manner. In “A Temporary Matter” after reading the ending it felt as if the marriage of the protagonist and his partner was before a fork in the road, one leading to separation while the other leading to continuation of the marriage, Jhumpa Lahiri has left us to choose the path with our own perspectives. In “Sexy” the ending is rather straightforward as the protagonist returns to the setting she meets the one she had an affair with but it was closed. The protagonist had also separated from the one she had an affair with due to him returning home. In a story which has an ending which is suitably enough closed, we can take a sigh of relief as the story is complete and we all know what becomes of the protagonist. In all of the literary pieces written, the plot and the theme support each other immensely. The plot is the sequence of
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