Comparing The Two Sport Societies

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Comparison Of the Two Sport Societies Comparing these two sports societies may have seemed to be a difficult task before reading the descriptions of each. After reading and researching, it is very clear to me that there are specific norms each share, despite the fact that they are for different sports. In each nation, there are similarities in the dedication that each society has towards their given sport. Even though people may not have been dying in arguments over the sport in the American society, there is still a sense of the same dedication and fanaticism. Another thing about the societies that is comparable is the fan base that each society presents towards their given sport. Both groups are very large, intensely loyal and…show more content…
As you can see from author Williams, more and more Americans are adopting England’s societal sports norms. Things happening between the NFL and England’s sports society have really taken off to another level, and make Williams story look like baby steps. This gradual progress aside, at the end of the day American football will never be as popular (accepted) in England as soccer, just like soccer will never be as popular as football here in the states. That is the only conclusion that can be reached to anyone consider the facts fairly. Ultimately, I believe that it will be these cultural differences that will be the most important obstacle/barrier to the NFL’s efforts to expand globally. The NFL’s Effort to Export American Football to International Markets Throughout the history of the NFL, there have been several attempts at globalizing the league. In the early 1990s, the NFL attempted to bring American football to Europe, with the NFL Europe, which was also known as the “World League of American
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