Comparing Translators Of 'The Thousand And One Nights'

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Humanities and the social sciences are two very important components for growth as both individuals and as a society. They are especially essential to the evolution of humans and the progression of knowledge. It is because of the documentation of previous human experiences that future generations gain a personalized understanding of how history really happened. That personalized understanding also allows us to attain new levels of insight on politics, poetry and everything in between. Having insight on the past provides us with clarity, which is how we are able to learn and grow from historical occurrences, and move on to a better and more advanced future. This is how our knowledge progresses. Sadly, humanities and social sciences…show more content…
Translation holds just as much value to the study of humanities and social sciences as language does by itself. Without proper translation of language, the entire message of the original story can be skewed, therefor changing it for all of time. Jorge Luis Borges (“Translators of The Thousand and One Nights”) gives a great example of this as he depicts the different variations of translation methods of The Thousand and One Nights. He speaks about how each interpreter can leave the recipient of the story with a different message. He goes on to share how some translators focus on the physical settings, some focus on the details (minute details or even a romanticized version), and some are just a pathetic depiction of the original story. The latter is made apparent by Borges openly claiming Galland’s version of The Thousand and One Nights as the weakest out of every version of translation. (Borges 93) If I were the original author or teller of a story, I would want to make sure that the intended significance of my work is captured in the future. We must make sure we respecting our past in this same way. For the future of humanities and social sciences to be successful, we must make sure that we are utilizing our verbal and written language skills to pass our knowledge…show more content…
We cannot expect this field to gain momentum and flourish without truly understanding what it is all about, and why those things hold such value. Although I have taken humanities courses before, I have never (and I mean that wholeheartedly) understood its value or importance. Our future as a civilization, race, society and even our technological future needs understanding of these three areas. Instead of colleges under developing these majors, they need to be expanded! Humanities and social science courses also need to be more of a requirement for all majors. As discussed previously, these areas of knowledge can greatly benefit many other areas of learning. We want future generations and the leaders of our future to have a well-rounded understanding of our current and past world, and learning about humanities and the social sciences is the way to accomplish
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