Comparing Two Poems Essay

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Both poems contain the message of love, which is presented very well across both poems from start to finish. But the poems are very different to each other using different techniques and phrases. In this text i will be analysing both poems and finding the differences and similarity throughout the text. ‘To His Coy Mistress’ is a very old English text which was written by a man to express his love towards a girl which he had feelings for. This poem was made during the war, when time was short and things were very critical in the country. Love was a very rare thing in this time finding it as well was hard. Over time we can see that love has changed throughout the years by these poems. To His Coy Mistress is very demanding and some bribing involved.…show more content…
‘Not a cute card or a kissogram’ A cute card and kissogram are very known gifts for valentines but she feels that it does not show true love. This quote emphasises her reasons for giving the onion as a gift. Also this quote has its own stanza which the writer stresses its importance. She also has other quotes that have there own stanza. ‘I am trying to be truthful’ This is also very stressed in the poem and she is explaining how she needs to be clear that she does have feelings and is true about the words that have been said. In conclusion both poems have their differences and they have their similarities, To his Coy Mistress is a very old poem and uses a lot of techniques, which includes rhythm and alliteration. Valentine also uses techniques but uses alliteration and smilies instead. Valentine is a shorter poem than To his Coy Mistress but still contains a lot of useful quotes. The Valentine poem is a more love poem than the other one, the writer shows more interresst in love than body features, compared to To his Coy Mistress. To his Coy Mistress uses more demanding and bribing quotes to gain her love. Valentine was made by a Lesbian but his Coy Mistress was made between and man and women Similarities contain a poem about love and both uses stanzas and short
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