Comparing the Comedy Central TV Channel to

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From Television to the Internet: Comparing the Television Channel and

It is often stated by twenty-something generation X-er's, that their generation was raised by the television set; that Mr. Rogers was their dad, the gang from Sesame Street was their siblings, and Mrs. Brady was their mom. This is a very eclectic family if one stops to think about it: make believe for a dad, Muppets for brothers and sisters, and a very lovely lady for a mom. These latch key kids that grew up befriended by the television set, represent a generation, that in reality, is passing. The next generation of children that has moved to the block, depends not on the television set and the afternoon programming of yesterday, but instead, have …show more content…

Comedy Central's web cite is very colorful, hysterical, informational, and basically provides its viewers the opportunity to step inside the world of Comedy Central, without having to turn on the television set.

Similar to the television channel, viewers probably have in mind an idea of what to expect. All of Comedy Central's television programming, which includes shows like the Monty Python, South Park, and Absolutely Fabulous, contains a very high degree of hilarity and nonsense. Strangely enough, for a channel that projects such antics and doesn't really take themselves seriously, the website is very well organized, sensible, and maintained regularly. Of course, the carefree and hysterical attitude is kept, especially when you first arrive at the site.

This month, viewers are greeted by the four familiar faces from the raunchy cartoon South Park. Promoting its big Halloween episode, the enlarged characters are standing in front of a giant haunted house and popping up and down out of the ground. Next month, its uncertain what large image will appear: a nice promotion of Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail would be interesting. Aside from the changing enlarged images in the middle of the screen, there is always a list of programs and pages on the left, the

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