Comparing the Organizational Culture of The Microsoft Corporation and Apple Inc

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Organizational comparisons The Microsoft Corporation versus Apple Inc. The IT industry is the fastest developing one in the modern day society and it sets the pace for development in all of the personal and professional sectors of life. And the advancement of the IT industry cannot be imagined any other way than having been driven by the two global giants Apple and Microsoft. The two companies have been competing in the industry ever since they were first created and began to operate. The competition between the two firms has been complex due to the fact that the two companies have created and sold different products, yet substitutable items. Apple and Microsoft as such came to compete in virtually all fields, including the attraction of customers, the consolidation of the market share, the attraction of investors, the consolidation on the stock market or the retention of the best skilled and talented staff members. Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen and its primary scope was that of creating and selling the operational system that eventually came to be known as Micro-Soft (Goldblatt, 1995). Throughout its history, the company has developed numerous other software applications, and has even expanded in the hardware sector yet with less success than its software applications. Some of the more notable products sold today include Microsoft is recognized by the IT community and the society as an innovator, but even more so, for its ability

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