Comparison Between God And The Holy Of The Cosmic Connection

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Ryan Czerwinski
The Meaning of Suffering in Comparison to the Divinity of Cosmic Connection
While Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita is clear about the cosmic connections of humanity, Yahweh in The Book of Job isn’t quite as straightforward. However, in Yahweh’s theophany, there are many implications that the most divine aspect to humanity is the connection with the rest of the universe and the life in it. While suffering is a part of life, it pales in comparison with the grand scale of life and the divine connection to it all. In both the Bhagavad-Gita and The Book of Job, this is the message delivered in the theophany speeches. The connection of all life in the Bhagavad-Gita is very clearly shown by Krishna, while the connection as …show more content…

There is no mistaking the meaning of this quote; Krishna is what connects all life together. He is the divine connection that unifies life as one. Krishna also says, “Eternal and supreme is the infinite spirit; its inner self called the inherent being; its creative force known as action, is the source of creatures’ existence.” (Gita, 8:3) This infinite spirit is the connection Krishna has with everything. The infinite spirit, and Krishna, being the source of existence mirrors how Yahweh created the world and is the source of existence for everything in it. By extension, it can be said that Yahweh is what connects life together.
Yahweh alludes to the interconnectedness of life when he says, “Seek out the proud man, subdue him, crush cruel men where they stand, hide them together in dirt, bind them in the Hidden Place.” (Job, 40:13). He is saying that everyone is together in death, however, humanity is connected in life as well. While the proud man and cruel man are presented here as opposites, when they are dead they are together as one. They aren’t just together in death, but in life as well. They share the world and affect each other, but their connection comes mainly from their life force, from Yahweh. Yahweh also says, “Just look at the River Beast that I put alongside you” (Job, 40:15). When he says this, Yahweh is saying that when he made the animals and humans, he made them sharing the world. They are all his creations, and so they are

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