Comparison Of Drowning Girl And Pablo Picasso's Guernica

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From the very first week of joining Art 101 I knew that I wanted my final art project to be a trio of paintings for my mother, to pay homage to her career as an artist. Unfortunately, deciding the theme or subject matter of these paintings was a much more difficult decision. The lecture on narratives had the most influence on the final idea because I felt it resonated with my art style the greatest. I love using small details or minor symbols to tell a story and the examples of narrative art were some of my earliest sources of inspiration including Roy Lichtenstein’s “Drowning Girl” and Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica.” Learning the aspects of play was also a major contributor to the final project idea. Play was both fun and had the ability to make …show more content…

Each of the pieces included in this exhibition inspired this idea through their uses of color, forms of flowers, contrasts between light and dark, their narrative aspects, minor background details to evoke memory, and specific patterns that really emphasized the idea of play. My own work uses aspects of play through their use of color—contrasting blue and white with dark brown or bright pink and red with black. The color is also used to differentiate the personalities between the siblings and the patterns in the background use minor details to tell a narrative. Each of these features works towards the title and theme “The Nature of My Family” so that the audience is able to use clues to connect personality traits to each sibling… and also notice that flowers are a part of nature and appreciate my play on …show more content…

I originally started painting flowers simply because it was what my mother used, but throughout the project, I found my own unique sources of inspiration. My mother explained to me that she used certain flower types for their curves and painted the petals to have figure like appearances. During the sketching and painting process, I figured out I really love how nature can appear so simple and beautiful and simultaneously being extremely complex. I felt as though using a simple object in nature would be an interesting connection to some of the people I know best in the world because there is so much backstory behind the object, much like backstory behind my siblings. It was especially fun figuring out the flower meaning and choosing the best one for each sibling. I used a blue iris for my brother because a blue iris represents wisdom, admiration, and inspiration and I have always been competing against my brother while admiring his differences. My sister is represented by a red amaryllis for her pride, determination, and beauty. It is also said to stand for drama and I felt that captured her completely. I chose a purple dahlia for myself (with the help of some friends) because it symbolizes staying kind despite being tested by certain events, a balance between relaxation and adventure, and commitment to another person or certain ideal. I want viewers to see

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