Comparison Of Theoretical Strategies For Business Process Improvement And Successful Change Management Essay

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Construct a fully referenced literature review to compare and contrast theoretical strategies for business process improvement and successful change management. All reports must include references to Six Sigma and Lean.

Over multiple years, humans have evolved in many different ways, allowing them to adapt to their environment. Intellectually or physically mankind has shown facilities to conquer new grounds of reworking themselves towards better outcomes. In the business world, where theories and strategies combine, helpfully guiding those thrilling for adventures. Theories are an intriguing way of trying new experiments and setting an analysis, which might end up being true or shown to be false. Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a strategic way of planning in order to foresee which sector of a business has the potential to be encouraged or improved, leading to an overall business growth. As evolution can be a constant threat and opportunity in the business world, it is a merger role for managers to be aware and adapt their structure for improvement in order to compete with rival firms. As W. Edwards says, “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory”. (Jacobson, 2015) On the other hand, Successful Change Management (SCM) is a kind of approach to redirect a process within an organisation or the organisation itself towards its allocation of resources, budget, modes of operations etc. It reshapes the company through a more efficient

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