Comparison of Project Operation Village Health and Project Tanzania

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Technologies have made it easier for advancements in health care and communication. However this advancement is not beneficial to everyone since some people live in a very remote place. Telemedicine provides a lot of benefits such as life-saving treatment in remote places, self-sustain healthcare, fast communication with the doctors, and don’t have to travel vast distance to get help. Project operation village health and project Tanzania can show a lot the benefit that telemedicine provide. This essay will compare the two projects and their benefits.
Cambodia is still a developing country with a lot of rural areas that are very remote: this is the same for Tanzania as well. A lot of those areas have tough terrain, huge jungle, and very …show more content…

Also people are healthier since clinicians at the other side of the world have been educating a lot about prevention of sicknesses and how to stay clean.

Telemedicine provides a lot of benefits for doctors of both countries. For Cambodia operation village health introduced a whole new experience to the local people. They have established internet connection and set up computers for communication between the local doctor and the specialists from Harvard University. The idea is to let the local send images and description of their patient’s sickness condition to the experts to help evaluate and give feed-backs. Then they can start helping their patients when they receive those feed-backs via internet of course. The project also wanted to introduce the digital pens to help ease the text description since the local health workers are having a hard time using keyboards to type (Heinzelman, 2007). The experts that volunteers to help with these projects also get benefits as well. They can learn new things about tropical disease and new experience (Ackerman, 2007). Likewise for Tanzania telemedicine is use to consult experts through the internet. Not only have that but the expert also helped to train the native clinicians about the technology and how to treat people. When these native doctors started using this system they generally

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