Compensation Model: Addressing People With Disabilities

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I agree with the author that compensation model is unsatisfactory when addressing people with disabilities. According to the author, the government is assumed to be responsible for providing financial consideration for people with a disability to make them whole” (Pg. 44). I agree that it is the government’s responsibility to put into place reasonable accommodations to help people with a disability improve their economic conditions (Pg. 45). Unfortunately the burden has been place on the government’s shoulders. The author stated that there were many programs created by the government to help people who became disabled after tragedies to become productive citizens in earlier years. I agree with the author, because it appears that there…show more content…
Department of Public Health, was not in business based off a disabled person’s inability physically, but the government’s plan was to help those people make reasonable adjustments in order to have a productive opportunity to be responsible for f themselves. But, somehow, the focus to help disabled people contribute to the economy was lost along the way. It became more of burden to the government in that it was easier to just assist them with funding. I deem the government stepped up based on the criteria some companies placed on the disabled person. Disable people was labeled as being feebleminded. In chapter 2, some people with a disability was classified as having no” intelligence” (Pg. 35). Disability by way of injury or at birth wise, people with a disability was put into a group that deemed them unfit to commit to any job norms. Therefore, the government came up with a plan, and one of those plans was the…show more content…
The author stresses the importance of helping the people who can become a productive element for society. The author points out that the assistance of the government is necessary. It has been discovered that the government wiliness to help people who are disabled financially, caused more harm than good. I came across a brochure called, Working While Disable, How Can We Help, “government agencies like, SSI have created programs that will assist those with a short term disability become educated and possibly change their line of work to start a new job, it is possible for that person to become productive again” ( Unknown Author). The author in chapter 3 has made it clear that there are many problems in existence that has caused people to become reliant on the free funds, but this chapter points out the possibilities if the government refrain from enablement. As the result, the author stated, “The government has to establish a community-based work incentive to assist disabled people with the provisions that would protect them, so that they want to go back to work” (Pg.
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