Complementary And Alternative Medicine Systems

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Nontraditional Healthcare According to WebMd, Nontraditional Healthcare is referred to as CAM (Webmd).CAM is an abbreviation for complementary and alternative medicine, and refers to medical and healthcare ideas that are not considered a conventional medical treatment. Although a lot of the therapies and techniques have been around for centuries, it is not considered conventional because there is not enough satisfactory evidence of success and safety. A recent study showed that nearly 40 percent of Americans have used CAM treatment. The people that use these types of treatment often seek help for pain and nausea. There are several types of complementary and alternative medicine including alternative medicine systems, biologically based therapies, mind-body therapies, and manipulative and manipulative and body based therapy.
Alternative medicine systems are not just massages, but are centered on philosophy (Mayo Clinic). Homeopathy is one type of these systems, and is small doses of animal, vegetable, or mineral substances to stimulate the body’s self-healing responses. According to Mayo Clinic, Acupuncture is a Chinese form of medicine that is done by inserting a long, thin needle at specific longitudinal point on your body. Each point corresponds to a specific condition. The goal of this medicine along with most in this category is to restore a balance of energy and health. Some of the thing acupuncture may relive is nausea caused from chemotherapy, headaches, back pain,…
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