Completion Of The Building Works

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(a) You must not contract with any person in relation to the works or alter the plans and specifications or building contract for the works without our prior written consent. You must require the builder to promptly and properly perform its obligations under any building contract.
(b) Upon completion of the building works, you must obtain any certificates that we reasonably require as evidence that the building works have been properly completed (for example, a certificate issued by a local government or council authority). At your cost, we may obtain any reports or other information required by us during and upon completion of the building works.
(c) If you default in completing the building works, or if your builder defaults or ceases …show more content…

We will give you reasonable notice if we require access. However, you must give us access immediately if there is an emergency You accept that we determine what constitutes an emergency.
2.2 You must notify us of certain things
You must promptly notify us in writing if:
(a) default occurs;
(b) there is any damage to the mortgaged property (including the contracts and other property included in the definition of mortgaged property);
(c) if anything happens that materially affects the mortgaged property or its value.
2.3 Statutes
There may be some laws that limit mortgagee’s rights. None of those laws will operate to limit our rights under the mortgage unless by law we cannot limit how those rights apply to us (that is, those rights cannot be negated). In particular, we do not need to give any notice before exercising any right, power (including the power of sale), or remedy under the mortgage unless required by law, and if the law does require notice, we only need to give one day’s notice or the shortest notice required by that law. If any of the provisions of the mortgage are illegal or become illegal at any time, those provisions will cease to apply, but all other terms of the mortgage will remain in full force and effect.
2.4 Consumer legislation
To the extent

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