Complexity Of Identity

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While reading the article, “The Complexity of Identity: “Who Am I?” the text provoked a lot of thought provoking questions and dialogue. The text itself stated how the “looking glass self” is not a flat one – dimensional reflection, but multidimensional.” (page 9) I thought it was really vital to keep this in mind, while looking at my own identity and others. I think it is important to understand this when stereotypes come into a situation; because not everyone has a story and a reason for being and behaving in a way.

Another inevitable reaction that came to me when I was reading this text, was the thought of – Who am I? And most importantly – Who can I be that will embrace my identity, while encouraging the diversity of others? The few identities I do own now is that I am a young African American woman, who comes from a low income neighborhood, and who is not necessarily religious but spiritual. I do not think these specific traits changed from when I was younger, however I do think the external groups I associate with have matured through my morals and values. For example, I consider myself a Democratic and a Feminist – due to the experiences I have had and the knowledge I have gained. I
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I know personally I became more aware of my race and gender by associating with people that were more involved in the issues that surrounded those traits. I became more aware of what a minority is, because I am attending a prominently white institution. I think my role as an RA will be a factor that encourages me to be as open and understanding as possible, because I want to be the reflection of an open minded person as an example to residents in the halls. The role I might play in helping residents understanding identity, is to put on certain programs that allow conversation of identity or concerns due to it - to happen as a conversation for the
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