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This was a classical ballet in which the subject of love was present in every piece. Love was portrayed not only as triumphant but also in the form of failure. The subject of love was shown in different ways. Some pieces showed the positive aspect of love, some other presented the negative aspect and others showed how complicated love can be.
Some pieces of the show made my heart melt as it reminded me of the romance, the passion and the intimacy of love as it was portrayed in the performances. On the other hand, there were pieces where my heart would weep because I could relate to the pain of not being able to be with the loved person.
One of the pieces that demonstrated the positive aspect was “Melodia,” staged by NikolaiLevitsky and Vera Solovieva. There was an indescribable tenderheartedness between the two performers. They made me think how beautiful it is to be in love, to be intertwined with the loved person. They were depicting what we fantasize that we want in our relationships.
They seemed to have such complicity and enjoyment that swaddled me, and I can say that it seems that the rest of the audience felt the same. As I looked …show more content…

This piece relates the sad story of a couple that suffered the consequences of a pre-arranged marriage. It was arranged for her to marry a wealthy man from the village. In this piece the young woman fell in love with a poor young man from her village. They gave in to their love regardless of the consequences. They wanted to be together but they were always interrupted and separated by people or circumstances. It was sad to see that the family did not want that union to be a reality, solely because he was poor. Their struggle felt so real that they had me in suspense. I wanted to know who would be in their favor and defend their love. I came to realize that the family, the Rabbi and the village people were all against this “pure”

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