Components Of A Healing Hospital

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Introduction For many people, health is of upmost priority in order to survive. However, it is inevitable that at one point in time people become sick and must seek medical attention. This situation creates emotions of stress and vulnerability which can hinder the healing process. Medical professionals must take this into consideration in order to provide the ultimate healing environment. A healing hospital will not only provide the patient with an optimal environment but also aid in speeding up the recovery rate. Creating a healing hospital is a fundamental process however, can be extremely difficult. This paper will examine the components of a healing hospital, the challenges of creating a healing hospital, as well as biblical aspects …show more content…

The ideal goal is to allow for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment to occur rapidly. Hopefully, in this situation the patient will not suffer from not knowing. Also, advanced technology will allow for a wider range of illnesses to be treated. The doctor will also be notified of test results from various scans, bloodwork, etc. in a shorter amount of time. Thus, the patient will be informed sooner, allowing a sense relief as they will no longer feel uncertain of the results. Finally, a healing hospital must embrace a culture of care which is centered upon love. This love must be shown not only to the patient but to coworkers, family members, and anyone else whom the staff come in contact with. Showing that one cares through the gift of love creates a warm and friendly environment. In this situation, the patient is in their most vulnerable state. In order to make them feel encouraged, the medical professional must show love and care. This will allow the patient to feel as if they mean more than just an illness. Proving, they are seen as a whole individual. This support creates a relationship in which healing is encouraged. The patient will feel comfortable and at ease knowing that the medical staff, friends, family, and anyone else at the hospital truly cares for them in a loving way.
In these situations, the patient must have faith in God to guide them. One must realize that God sent them to a healing hospital for a reason and that God is working through

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