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Executive Summary The following comprehensive strategic plan focuses on the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG). Recommend the board of directors to adopt a diversification strategy in order to increase profitability and grow its presence in globally and emerging markets. This paper will further evaluate the company strategic direction with the mission, vision statement and corporate social responsibility. Follow with a SWOT analysis to identify the internal and external situation, financial ratios are used to determine the company's financial health. Finally, provide possible strategic alternatives with recommendation and strategic implementation plan.

Overview InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) is an international hotels group
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Repositioning the brands In order to be one of the world's great companies, IHG launched out the rename and rejuvenated Holiday Inn Express in 2009; which operates under a new brand standard and has signed over 2,956 hotels. IHG received very positive review from both franchisees and customers about the reborn of Holiday Inn Express. In 2012, IHG began to repositioning Crowne Plaza with three phrases starting from Americas to improve product quality and consistency, to drive revenue and rolling out a new brand identity with a fresh look and feel (Forbes, 2012).

Situation Analysis - Internal
Strength IHG preferred brands with its vast portfolio commanding leadership in their market segments in the major strength (Annual report 2011), this has given it as their competitive advantage. Continue to improve the quality service from these brands; it strengthens the market position of IHG giving its competitive edge as it seeks to take advantage of increasing business and leisure travel globally. The group is also keen to grow new innovative brands that meet the guests' unique desire such as the newly launched Even and Hualuxe hotel brands. After Identifying societal trend in US, there is a strong interest in wellness. It has led to the development of wellness facilities featured in upscale hotels and resorts. The newly launched Even hotels brand is the first mainstream hotel focusing

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