Computer Network : The Connection Of Computers And Computing Peripherals

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Q1 Solution:
Computer network: the connection of computers and computing peripherals either using wires or radio waves over a small or large geographical areas. E.g. interconnection of many computers to a single printer. Depending upon the area covered computer network can as classified as PAN, LAN, MAN and WAN.

Personal Area Networks: an interconnection of devices in few meter distance which is connected wirelessly. E.g. connection of mobile phone over a wifi signal to a router.

Local area networks: computer network with an area of small geographical area such as campus premises, home, and office is termed as LAN. Printer, scanner are generally shared between computers in home and offices. Basically the sharing is done by wired media …show more content…

Data may be any number, alphabets, images, videos and other representation such as attendance record of student, customer information in bank. Such data needs to be sent and receive between the different location and devices. So exchange of data is called data communication. In data communication message, sender, receiver, transmission media and protocol play a vital role. Messages are the actual data to be shared and it can be in any form. Senders are those devices which are used to send data and receiver are those devices which receives data. Transmission media may be wired or unwired and protocols are the set of rules to communicate.
Multiplexing: transmitting multiple information in a single medium has been made easier by the process called multiplexing. Using this technique the total bandwidth is divided and a portion is given to each signal. Multiplexer and demultiplexer are the devices used in multiplexing. The multiplexer combines the data from multiple source and sends via the single channel and demultiplexer separates the individual lines and transmits to corresponding output lines.
Multiplexing is of four types
Frequency Division Multiplexing
Code Division Multiplexing
Time Division Multiplexing
Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Network management: In a board sense network management is simply managing computer networks. It can be defined as configuring, testing, monitoring and troubleshooting network components, features and operations to achieve

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