Computer Technology And Its Effect On Society

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Over the last five years, computer technology, a digital device that automatically operates information and data, has been speedily varying and increasing in every field. It has brought many benefits to modern society. For example, technological advances will change society and home since there are many high technology systems will be installed, which will improve the quality of life. Communication become easier through one click because of the popularization of Internet. Also, using computer technology will enhance students’ learning. Obviously, these benefits certainly have huge impact on lifestyle at work, in recreation and for social networking. These transforming ways of our lives get benefited from the computer technology. However, there are many who get addicted to the evils of it. For instance, users will easily get addicted to online shopping, developing to an endless shopping desires. Furthermore, computer technology provides a convenient channel to online gambling and online games. These two online entertainment today are like drugs, gradually turn into a problematic issue for teenagers. Thus, computer technology has affected the normal lifestyles from almost all respects of life, but it seems like it is not for the betterment.
First of all, computer technology is beneficial because its advances will change society and home. In fact, computer technology has been developed intelligently and customizable, which should easily measure and tract one’s own behavior. It…
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