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1. As each year draws to a close, the editors of Time magazine review the years newsmakers and select one as representative of the year just passing. This selected newsmaker is then featured in a cover story in the year 's final issue. A politician, a chief of state, a scientist-perhaps these are the people you 'd expect to see featured in the special issue. If so, you might have been as surprised as were millions of others a few years ago to find that Time 's "Man of the year" wasn 't person at all. It was a machine: the computer

2. We are living in the computer age. Most of our day-to-day jobs are being influenced by the use of computers. In some areas such as Science and Technology
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10. Computer can manipulate both numeric and non numeric symbols. Data are facts or informational raw materials represented by these symbols. Information is the relevant knowledge that results from the processing and arranging of data in an ordered and useful form.

11. Data processing consists of :

a. Capturing the raw input data.

b. Manipulating it by using classifying, sorting, calculating and summarizing techniques.

c. Storing, retrieving communicating,and reproducing the output results of the manipulation.

12. These data processing activities are readily carried out by computers. A computer can accept input data from,and communicate processed output to, a large number of devices. The circuits in a computer are designed to facilitate calculating. Classifying,sorting, and summarizing are made possible by the computer 's ability to perform simple comparisons and then, depending on the result, follow a predetermined course of action. And split -second storage and retrieval activities are possible through the use of primary and secondary storage devices.

13. A system is a group of integrated parts that have the common purpose of achieving some objective(s). Since a computer is made up of integrated components that work together to perform the steps called for in the program being executed, it is a system. A basic computer system
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