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The technology keeps growing and advancing on every single aspect on the computers field, desktop and server cannot be the exception, a very specific case is the system virtualization. The creating of a virtual version of a device or resource makes virtualization a great tool for network engineers and system administrators on the daily managing configuration, testing and creating of systems. As a first look is inarguable the advantages that can come with the virtualization of system environments, but has virtualization overcome regular computer using? Is it reliable? It is cost effective? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
The idea of virtualizing all the system on a network environment sound like a good alternative, in fact there is more systems administrator that prefer a virtual environment that to a normal multicomputer. The advantages of virtualization are for example, cost savings because the organization don’t have to buy as much software, and software test before implementation. In contrast there are disadvantages like well qualified IT personnel and reliability due to “have all your eggs in one basket”
From my perspective, comparison between multicomputers and virtualized systems can change according the skills of the system administrator, although multicomputers is still a validate practice in many environments there is no doubt virtualization is the best way to administrate an organization from rehabilitee to cost effective.

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