Concept 2 Central Route Persuasion

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Concept #1: Central Route Persuasion When someone is persuaded based on factual evidence The higher ranking people in Jones’ cult (who were more educated) saw the incident as a Political & Ideological movement. Jones also convinced them that this would lead to a Utopia where everyone could co-exist together. Concept #2: Peripheral Route Persuasion When someone is persuaded not on facts but on other cues, ex: attractiveness, sound of voice, persuader has special ‘powers’, etc. Jim Jones made himself appear as he had special powers (with help from the higher ranked). Jones presented himself as great pastor who was psychic and a great healer. A good example was that Jones could remove cancer tumors which he did at his healing sessions, however …show more content…

It can also be a reason why no one objected to drinking the kool-aid. Concept #5: Group Polarization When decisions of one become very different and/or extreme within a group setting Like any other group there would be some rebels and Jones had support from almost the entire group to inflict some punishment, some include public homosexual humiliation, forced boxing matches between a much stronger opponent, being locked in confinement without food and water for 24 hours, and the list goes on. Members of the group knew that is they broke any of the rules great shame would be brought upon them and their families. Concept #6: Prejudice An unjustifiable and usually negative thinking against a certain group Jones had no prejudice against any races as the cult had a great diversity, however Jones had gave the cult an us/them mentality and said that people were coming to destroy the utopia that he had created and that the people coming with torture them and their children. People in the cult did truly believe that the outsiders were bad, however the media at the time weren't exactly expecting of jones cult ethier. Jones’ cult was perceived as an evil, narcissistic person that was leading a colony of fools. So one can say that both sides did have prejudice and when the people came the mass suicide

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