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Concept Analysis Carrie G. Alexander Chamberlain Concept Analysis The concept of comfort is one that nurses provide every shift; however, it is not always easy to define. Katherine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory will be used. Walker and Avant’s method for concept analysis will be used. The first step is to select a concept, which is comfort. The next step is determining the purpose of the analysis. The purpose is to define what comfort means and what comfort measures are and how they are used in nursing. The third step is to identify the uses of the concept of comfort. This includes definitions of term comfort and a literature search. The fourth step is to determine the defining attributes of comfort. This allows for insight into the…show more content…
A variety of definitions and meanings evolved about comfort with the term being related to both the patient and family. The first research study was a study on the experiences of family members being present during resuscitation efforts in the emergency room after a trauma. Some of the benefits of a family member being present are: the family feeling empowered and supportive, maintaining family-patient relationships, closure in a life shared and fostering the grief process (Leske, McAndrew, & Brasel, 2013). Data was collected over two years in a level one trauma center with trauma patients that had one family member present and were admitted to the surgical intensive care unit after resuscitation. The family member was interviewed two days later for an average of ten to thirty minutes in a quiet room away from the patient. The sample size of the study was twenty eight and the majority of the sample was female. The results showed that the majority of family members that were present felt that there role was to be supportive and protect the patient during the trauma. They felt that being present was comforting to them and the patient, regardless of the outcome. Another common theme was that the family felt comforted knowing that everything possible was done for their family member. This study was limited due to the small sample size. Although the conclusions are valid, more research with a
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