Concept Analysis : Walker And Avant

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Concept has been defined as “symbolic statement describing a phenomena or class of phenomena (Kim, 2000,p.15). It can be theoretical or non theoretical like hope, love and desire or body temperature, pain (McEwen& Willis, 2011) the words like grief, empathy, power, job satisfaction or a phrase like health promoting behaviors or maternal attachment. Concept analysis refers to the rigorous process of bringing clarity to the definition of the concept used in science (McEwen & Willis, p, 51). According to McEwen (2011), the purpose of concept analysis is to clarify, recognize, and define concepts that describe phenomena.

Method of analysis

There are several methods of analyzing the concepts. The purpose of concept analysis is to help the nurses to identify the trends and development in patient care. In depth analysis of these trends and developments helps to formulate measures to provide holistic patient care (“Grand canyon university”2013). Walker and Avant introduced the process of concept analysis in nursing in 1983.Walker and Avant (2005). They are concept analysis; concept synthesis and concept derivation explained three different processes to analyze the concept in nursing. According to McEwen (2011) Walker and Avant use concept analysis to clarify meanings of terms and define concepts with an excepted outcome of readers and writers communicating in a common language. The Walker and Avant’s method used in the concept analysis of concept of teamwork. Teamwork is

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