Conceptualize Sustainable Development

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Topic: The politics of Sustainable Development

Dozen of years after the second millennium, people are witnessing a world with a high level of complexities, trans-boundary issues at a level of dysfunction that seem not to cease. Today, humankind is said to have a tendency to produce what they do not necessarily consume, and consume what they do not produce; as well as produce far more information than the capacity of any individuals to absorb (Mebratu 1998, UNEP 2012). The urges for changes throughout historical milestones and evolutions have led to a new, global concept ‘Sustainable Development’. Associating with the theory of ‘Three pillar’ addressing the fundamentally systematic aspects of humanity, sustainable development is
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Environmentalist viewpoints can be found through the notions of World Conservation Strategy for instance (IUCN 1980), whilst the rationale of growth could be derived through ‘Status quo’ idea. Supporters of status quo believe that business is the driver of sustainability by providing information, technology advances, and claim for no conflicts between market enlargement and environmental stability (Hopwood, Mellor & O’Brien 2005). To reconcile these distinct ideas, Mitcham (1995) stresses that sustainable development approach simply does not halt growth, but to enable growth in a sustainable way.
Moreover, the ideas of sustainability are developed by principles – set values and ethics on how people regard development should be. Hopwood, Mellor& O’Brien (2005) identifies five main principles based on equity; including “futurity”, “social justice”, “geographical equity”, “procedural equity” and “inter-species equity”. These principles do not only clarify the understanding of the term, but to relate human equity with environment and ecology values. The ideological version comes up with several new concepts, among which ‘eco-feminism and ‘eco-socialism’ are two of the most significant. Eco-feminism is about the linkage between feminism and ecological matters; meanwhile, eco-socialism assumes ecological crisis as a
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