Concert Report : Concert At Duke University Essay

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Concert Report The concert that I attended took place inside Nelson Music Room at Duke University. The room was on the smaller side but had balconies for people to sit so they could watch the performance from up high. The floors were carpeted and they had theater seats that folded back when the seats were done being used. The music room had a wooden stage towards the font-center of the room and the room itself was located on the bottom floor of the building. Most of the audience consisted of families with their children since it was a beginner’s children’s performance. Many of the parents were smirking or even laughing so hard that they were shaking in their seats during the first few performances because the beginner musicians weren’t the best at their sport yet. Towards the end of the show as the older, more experienced kids performed people were very impressed and clapped loudly at the end of the solo performances especially. There was a string choir consisting of both violin and cello as well as solo performances between the orchestral performance pieces. Although the beginning songs were songs that are used to learn to play the specified instrument, the songs that followed by the more experienced musicians were from both the classical and romantic era. The best known composers that were featured in the performance were Bach and Mozart. The first musical piece preformed was an instructional piece called Tiri Tiri Ti Ti and it was performed by the beginner violins

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