Concert Report On A Concert

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For my concert report, I chose to attend a University Chambers Players performance. Within this classical genre of music, the pieces performed were all homophonic in texture and each melody introduced was supported by chordal accompaniment. All of the pieces performed ranged from an eighteenth to twentieth century time period, and furthermore, each performance employed the use of western world instruments, such as the piano, cello, violin, and viola.
As I was sitting in the audience, the first thing that I noticed was that the audience consisted of all ages, ranging from eighteen years of age to perhaps eighty years of age. In preparation for the concert to begin, several performers entered the room and tuned their instruments to the keys on the piano. The performers’ attire was highly conservative, covering almost every inch of their entire body, and they wore all black from head to toe. When the concert began, the audience clapped as the performers were introduced and were walking out onto the playing area. As the performers took their seats in front of their stands, the audience became quiet and there was a short moment of silence before the performance commenced. The first performance consisted of a piano, flute and a cello. The piano was the first instrument to play and established the melody before the flute and cello came in. Next, the flutist started playing and was given a chance to take over the melody as the cellist set a steady tempo for them to follow.

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