Concert Report : The Amenda Quartet

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Concert Report #3: The Amenda Quartet November 6, 2015, the Amenda Quartet performed at RIT as part of the Performing Arts Program, with a program of three classical pieces by age-defining composers: W.A. Mozart and L.V. Beethoven. Two string quartets and a piano concerto, though not as well-known as other pieces by those composers, nevertheless are stellar musical works, well on the quality level a modern listener came to expect from the classical era. The first piece, String Quartet in F minor, op. 95, by L.V. Beethoven in four movements, is one of the shortest and most compact Beethoven’s quartets, and is often referred to as ‘Serioso’. The first movement, Allegro con brio, is unique, in a sense that it does not maintain a constant tempo. The movement is slow about fifty percent of the time, and fast for the other half. Such transitions are often accompanied by a classic baroque terrace dynamics technique, which keeps giving the movement a refreshing, new feel along it’s entirety. Another feature of the movement is sequential stepping in of quartet members after frequent, Beethoven-style awkward pauses, in a way that two violins and a viola resume playing not simultaneously, but a few notes apart, which greatly contributes to the ‘staircase’ shape of the movement. The second movement, Allegretto ma non troppo, surprises with its tempo and structure. The movement is incredibly slow, often coming to a complete stop. Each of those stops signifies a solo for a new quartet…

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