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What does he think of what Europeans have done in the past? Condorcet thinks what the Europeans did in the past was “bloodthirsty” and “treacherous”. He says that they need to change and that the human race altogether needs to progress. He goes on to talk about Europeans and how they “will not soon produce the independence of the new world” (Condorcet,163). Here he says that even though Europeans are slowly progressing within the colonies they still have no ambition to set free the inhabitants of the new world. Later in his writing he says “If one runs through the history of our undertakings and establishments in Africa and Asia, you will see our commercial monopolies, our treacheries, our bloodthirsty contempt for people of a different color …show more content…

Its obvious he wants to narrow down the major point to equality. He states many things that he wants for the future such as “new tools, machines, and looms will add every day to the capabilities and skill of humans” (Condorcet,164), “the complete destruction of those prejudices that have established an inequality of rights between the sexes” (Condorcet,164), “the abolition of practices condoned by prejudice will increase the well-being of families and encourage domestic virtues, the prime foundation of all others; how it will favor the progress of education, and especially make it truly universal” (Condorcet,165), and so many more things. He also talks about medical practices and that improvements in that field will cure contagious diseases and then deaths in that time would soon be only caused by “extraordinary accidents” or the “gradual destruction of vital forces” (Condorcet,165). In conclusion, Condorcet wants the future to be better than the past and everyone to grow as a whole human

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